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About the Pipeline Knowledge Retention Conference

Who Should Attend

Anyone starting off their career, or has been working for a few years in the pipeline industry but wants to experience more than what they can learn from textbooks or the internet, is encourage to attend The Pipeline Knowledge Retention Conference. The only prerequisite is the desire to learn and actively participate.


Registration Fee

Since The Pipeline Knowledge Retention Conference was formed with the concept of mentoring in mind, there is absolutely no cost to attend the 1 1/2 day event. The presenters are all well established industry professionals who are very passionate about what they do and volunteer their valuable time and energy towards ensuring that valuable information gets passed on to those who will be shaping the industry in the future. 


Course Content

Over the years a wide range of topics have been presented at past PKR Conferences ranging from discussions on transmission lines and transient models, to compressor types, to various equations. At the conclusion we ask attendees to submit feedback and, because of our desire is to improve on an already great concept, off some suggestions for next the year’s event. If you have never been to a PKR, or had missed a session, various presentations are available for download under their respective year in the Past Conference section.



The seminar is conducted in an atmosphere where everyone in attendance has the opportunity to participate, teach, learn and share practical experiences with each other. There is NO COST to attend the conference but space is limited so Register now.