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2nd Annual Pipeline Knowledge Retention Conference

On August 24th, 2011, the 2nd Annual Pipeline Knowledge Retention Conference took place at the El Paso Corporation Auditorium located in Houston, TX.

Over 100 individuals from across the industry attended, nearly doubling the attendance from the original conference.

One change that was implementing for the 2nd Annual Pipeline Knowledge Retention Conference was a modified format; For the first year of the conference we held interactive presentations, but for the second year we set up a panel with industry professionals up front to discuss questions and discussion points that go along with a short presentation at the beginning of the segment. This promoted a more involved conference and we were very satisfied with the results.

This four topics discussed where:

  • Expansion vs. Optimization in Pipeline Modeling and Design (Modeling Part 1)
    • Expansion on Modeling Basics
    • Design and Expansion vs. Optimization
    • Basics of Modeling from a Hydraulic Perspective
      • Design philosophy
      • Purpose and approach
      • Error messages, equations
      • Why modeling?
      • What to keep in mind?
      • What approach to take?
      • Top modeling tips and rules of thumb
      • What is important / unimportant?
    • How different tools are used and why
    • Different Scenarios
    • Brand new vs. bolted on the existing pipeline
    • How does a company strategically design?

  • Generational Differences / Well Head to Burner Tip
    • Well Head to Burner Tip
    • Industry progression over the years
    • Industry fundamentals
    • Modeling tools from a real world perspective
    • New Methods vs. Old Methods
    • Philosophy evolution over the years

  • Two Phase Systems
    • Methods for handling a Two Phase System

  • Cost Estimating / Different Types of Modeling / Case Study: Rex Pipeline (Modeling Part 2)
    • Modeling Types
    • Modeling Contracts
    • Understanding contract parameters
    • Knowing what you sold and your obligations
    • Volume based contracts vs. Pressure contracts
    • Case Study : Rex pipeline

PDF of the Conference's Topics